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Shōei Matsuda was born in 1986 and began his career in social media in 2010, garnering attention as an anonymous artist who has a significant impact on the masses and society. His events, instructions, and performances, which he creates collaboratively with people, are highly regarded as a practice that questions the subjectivity and authorship of the post-social media era and creates new communality by directly intervening in cities and society. Since 2020, he has started using his real name and has been attempting to update people's perceptions through conceptual and poetic practices on celebrities, economies, and landscapes in the network era, utilizing various media such as installations, sculptures, prints, and videos.

Some of his notable solo exhibitions include "The Store" at Shibuya PARCO, Tokyo, "Extreme Conceptual" at Eukaryote, Tokyo, and "Magic Number" at TOH, Tokyo. Shōei has also participated in group exhibitions such as "It knows: When Forms Become Mind" at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, and "ATAMI ART GRANT" at Hotel ACAO in Shizuoka. In 2016, Shōei received the Prix Ars Electronica Awards of Distinction and was selected for the ISEA Hong Kong. He has also published works such as "A Field Guide to the Snowden Files" in Germany and "Cyberarts 2016" in Austria.


Shōei's work explores a wide range of themes and mediums, from contemporary art to technology and media. His work has been exhibited both in Japan and internationally, including in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, and the Czech Republic.



1986 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2016 Moved to Berlin, Germany

Solo exhibition
2022 The Store, Shibuya PARCO, Tokyo, JP
2022 Extreme Conceptual, Eukaryote, Tokyo, JP
2022 Magic Number, TOH, Tokyo, JP
2020 超現代美術展, ANB Tokyo, Tokyo, JP
2019 White Magazine, Eukaryote, Tokyo, JP 
2017 Black Box, AXIOM, Tokyo, JP

Group Exhibition, Performance
2023 It knows: When Forms Become Mind, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JP
2022 ATAMI ART GRANT, Hotel ACAO, Shizuoka, JP
2022 Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, JP
2022 MIND TRAIL, Hanayagura Observatory, Nara, JP
2022 新宿流転芸術祭, Decameron, Tokyo, JP
2022 Meta Fair #01, Sonoaida, Tokyo, JP
2022 Meta Mall, BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto, JP
2021 Standing Ovation, Hotel ACAO, Shizuoka, JP
2021 Jack into the Noösphere, Mihama-en, Chiba, JP
2021 Mimicry of Hollows 虚擬態, The 5th Floor, Tokyo, JP
2021 Mob World Reverb, TALION GALLERY, Tokyo, JP
2021 AIR SCG, BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto, JP 
2020 ENCOUNTERS, ANB Tokyo, Tokyo, JP
2018 #LutherLenin, Studio Hrdinů, Prague, CZ
2017 Meet the Bot, Feed the Bot, Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz, AT
2017 SIGNALS, DiG Studio, Berlin, DE
2017 インフラ INFRA, Online
2016 TACIT FUTURES, Volksbühne, Berlin, DE
2016 Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition, OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz, AT
2016 ISEA, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK
2014 TEDxTokyo, Hikarie Hall, Tokyo, JP

2016 Prix Ars Elecawatronica, Awards of Distinction, AT 
2016 ISEA Hong Kong, Selected, HK

2017 A Field Guide to the Snowden Files, DE
2017 メディア、編集、テクノロジー, JP
2016 Cyberarts 2016, AT

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