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As the D2C market continues to steadily grow, Matsuda exhibited an installation where he put a replica of the Mona Lisa that he purchased on Amazon into a wooden frame, packaged it, and resold it on the Mercari marketplace with his own hashtag attached. While D2C usually stands for "Direct to Consumer," Matsuda interpreted it as "Direct to Collector" and created this installation. The selling price was determined by AI based on the sales categories within the marketplace, such as interior decor, antiques, posters, and more.

D2C市場が着実に成長を続ける中、松田はAmazonで購入したモナ・リザの複製画を木枠に入れ、梱包し、自分のハッシュタグを付けた上で、マーケットプレイスのメルカリで再販するインスタレーションを展示しました。D2Cは通常、「Direct to Consumer」の略称ですが、松田は「Direct to Collector」と解釈し、このインスタレーションを制作しました。販売価格は、インテリア、骨董品、ポスターなどのマーケットプレイス内の販売カテゴリに応じて、AIが提示した価格で販売されました。

Location: BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto, JP
Date: March 5 − May 8, 2022
Medium: Mona Lisa canvas print purchased on Amazon, wooden frame, air cap, stickers, McDonald's set, PC, Mercari, etc.

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