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Extreme Concept


"The more we analyze, the more ambiguous things become." (Timothy Morton, The Ecological Thought)

This exhibition consisted of installations of representative past works, including "The Laughing Man" series that attracted attention with NFT vending machines and giant emoji balloons installed in Kabukicho, "Ripples" that was released at the same time as the Tokyo Olympics and was featured in numerous domestic and international media, "Portrait" where the price is determined by the number of hashtag posts, and "White Magazine" which introduced a subscription system for artwork sales. Simultaneously, previously less discussed concepts, drawings, proposals containing unique theories, and taglines hidden behind the scenes were disclosed, and a cut-up of cross-references ranging from frameworks used in marketing and consulting to social issues, technological trends, and spirituality was first revealed.

The attempt to bring the artist's image to the surface like a constellation by randomly selecting points from past works can also be seen as a warning to the "era of conspiracy theories" progressing through algorithms and apophenia. Will the viewer be able to decipher the plot, where flattened time and space overlap layer upon layer? Or is it correct to decipher it at all? This exhibition is not only a retrospective but also a new work exhibition, and Shōei further shakes the viewers.


本展は、歌舞伎町に設置されたNFT自動販売機や巨大な絵文字バルーンで注目を集めた《The Laughing Man》シリーズ、東京オリンピックと同時期に発表され、国内外のメディアで多数紹介された《Ripples》、ハッシュタグ投稿数で価格が決まる《Portrait》、作品販売にサブスクリプションシステムを導入した《White Magazine》など、代表的な過去作のインスタレーションで構成されました。同時に、これまで語られることの少なかったコンセプトやドローイング、独自のセオリーを含むプロポーザル資料、そして背後に忍ばせたタグラインが開示され、アートだけでなく、マーケティングやコンサルティングで用いられるフレームワークから、ソーシャルイシュー、技術トレンド、スピリチュアルにまで及ぶ横断的なリファレンスのカットアップが初公開されました。


Location: Eukaryote (solo exhibition), Tokyo, JP
Date: December 17 − 25, 2022 / January 10 − 22, 2023

Medium: Mixed media installation featuring printed paper, NFC card, acrylic case, vinyl sheet, etc.
Design Corporation: Daichi Aijima
Technical Development: Hironori Kawaida
Sound: Yusaku Arai
Photo Credit: Naoki Takehisa

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