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The data stored in smartphones continues to grow, yet we do not have time to look back at the past. Manufacturers release new models every month, but support for them ends after only a few years. What is something that does not change, does not break, and does not need to be replaced? Where can we find something that is not new and will not become old? This project questions the mismatch between record-keeping and memory, data-driven society and privacy, online and offline, by incorporating digital habits (fragmentation and reconstruction) into one of the oldest record-keeping media, paper.

Visitors who subscribed through the website at the venue will receive a blank diary every month at their homes. In addition, a case for storing 12 books each year will be sent, and an acrylic case will be sent every 10 years. Those who subscribed at the exhibition were required to deposit their smartphones in a coin locker and walk for an hour outside the venue.

スマートフォン内のデータは増え続けますが、過去を振り返る時間はありません。メーカーは毎月新しいモデルを発表しますが、そのサポート期間は数年で終了します。変わらず、壊れず、交換の必要のないものは何ですか? 新しくないもので、古くならないものはどこにありますか? このプロジェクトは、最も古い記録媒体の一つである紙にデジタルの習性(分断と再構築)を取り入れることで、記録と記憶、データ主導の社会とプライバシー、オンラインとオフラインなどの不一致を問いかけます。


Design cooperation: Daichi Aijima, Tilmann S. Wendelstein

Technical development: Hironori Kawaida

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