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Shōei presented an installation in the Royal Suite at an art festival held in a deserted hotel in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture. He utilized the mysterious atmosphere of the Showa-era building and emphasized its peculiarity by combining modern motifs, such as windows with Shutterstock watermarks and a tea room decorated with a 777 yen receipt. Curator Yuki Takagi explained, "The structure of this work is extremely simple and clear. It can be understood by anyone, but there is no particular meaning behind it. It seems like an antithesis to modern society that demands problem-solving."


Location: ACAO Hotel, Shizuoka

Exhibition: Standing Ovation

Medium: Vinyl stickers, tombstones, LED lights, photos, videos, snacks, bottled coffee, soy milk, hand sanitizing wipes, receipts, etc.

Curator: Yuu Takagi

Photo credit: Hidemasa Miyake, Naoki Takehisa

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