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2014 − 2017

"The internet is passive - it only reacts to our desires, our questions, our clicks. But the internet is not only a mirror but also a camera that produces an image of our desiring self. And the content of the accounts does mostly refer to ordinary, everyday life, which as such is totally uninteresting." (Groys, Boris. "In the Flow." e-flux journal, no. 21, 2010.)

In 2014, when the concept of singularity began to attract attention worldwide, Shōei first appeared before people as a mannequin portraying advanced artificial intelligence. Through a digitally processed voice, the mannequin conveyed a message that we should use technology to enhance our qualities as human beings. Later, he appeared publicly wearing a costume and advocated for the concept of "anonism," a movement that focuses on anonymous words and actions in both the internet and the real world. If you are anonymous, you can do anything and be anyone. Therefore, in this world of ultimate freedom, we must pay attention to our anonymous behavior and speech. Humans need to update themselves just as rapidly evolving technology does. Such speeches were given in various places in Asia and Europe.

「インターネットは受動的です。私たちの欲望や質問、クリックにのみ反応します。しかし、インターネットは鏡だけでなく、我々の欲望の自己像を作り出すカメラでもあります。そして、アカウントの内容はほとんど普通の日常生活に関するものであり、そのようなものは完全に興味深くないと言えます。」 - ボリス・グロイス


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