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"3% is effective." (Virgil Abloh's tweet on August 31, 2018.)

The Tokyo Olympics is one of the most controversial events in recent years. The image of the LED sculpture "Ripples," installed in a Japanese garden adjacent to the Olympic Stadium, was reposted around the world on Instagram, and one media outlet reported that it "represents the divisiveness of the Games." However, the artist Shōei did not set a clear concept or message for this artwork. By quoting a haiku from Bashō Matsuo, reversing the relationship between sound and visual information, and creating light in the shape of water ripples, the artist attempted to collect the voices of the viewers' hearts.

「3%は効果的です。」(Virgil Ablohの2018年8月31日のツイート)


Location: Mihama-en, Chiba, JP

Exhibition: Jack into the Noösphere

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